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Denver Medical MarijuanaDenver medical marijuana dispensaries help to alleviate the pain and suffering of patients who are not provided that relief from more traditional medical approaches to pain. In Denver, residents have the freedom, under Colorado’s Amendment 20, to pursue the use of medical marijuana to treat a variety of debilitating conditions. These conditions include multiple sclerosis, cancer, glaucoma, epileptic seizures, HIV/AIDS and other illnesses.

If residents qualify to utilize the Denver medical marijuana program, they should seek to obtain a physician’s recommendation and a medical marijuana registry card from the state of Colorado. This allows the resident to possess up to two ounces of medical marijuana, or up to six marijuana plants and the tools necessary to use the marijuana. Denver medical marijuana users must still abide by common sense, however. There are restrictions on when and where medical marijuana may be used. One of those restrictions is that a medical marijuana user may not operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. A Denver medical marijuana user must also not be in plain view of, or in a place open to the general public when using medical marijuana.

Another factor that makes it easier for Denver medical marijuana patients to use marijuana legally is decriminalization of the use of marijuana. In Denver, adult possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is the lowest priority of drug enforcement officials. This effectively means that if you are a Denver medical marijuana user, and if you do so discreetly, you are not likely to be arrested. This is important because both state and federal laws do not offer as much protection to medical marijuana users. A medical marijuana user must be discreet because there is no protection from discrimination by an employer or landlord if the employer or landlord discovers marijuana use.

In conclusion, although Denver medical marijuana patients can enjoy the benefits of using marijuana to alleviate debilitating symptoms of a variety of diseases, they must do so with a common sense approach. It is important to have a physician recommend that the patient should use medical marijuana to help the patient cope with his or her disease, and it is also important to obtain a registry card. Dispensaries exist in Denver to provide the patient with safe, high grade marijuana, or the Denver Medical marijuana patient can choose to grow his or her own.

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