Denver Medical Marijuana DoctorsDenver medical marijuana doctors are physicians who are licensed to practice medicine in the state of Colorado, and are authorized to certify the use of medicinal marijuana. Medical marijuana may be prescribed for a number of chronic ailments, including chemotherapy-induced nausea, degenerative disc disease, and epilepsy. Although possession of marijuana is still illegal under Colorado law, amendments to this law allow affected individuals to discuss possible treatment with medical marijuana. Patients who are admitted into the program are not charged with possession, providing they follow the guidelines. Under the amendment, patients in the program are allowed to possess up to two ounces, or cultivate up to six plants. These guidelines are only valid within the state of Colorado; outside of the state, federal laws about drug possession still apply.

If a person wishes to join the Denver medical marijuana treatment program, proper procedures must be followed. The patients must meet with a Denver medical marijuana doctor authorized to admit said individuals into the program. The potential patient should bring with him or her all relevant medical records. If the Denver medical marijuana doctor deems that the patient is an acceptable candidate for the program, certification is granted, registration forms are obtained, and applications are submitted to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for Medical Marijuana Registry. The agency then verifies the physician’s license and patient certification. If there are no errors within the forms, the patient registry card may be authorized within 30 days. The most common errors occurring in documentation for the program are illegible copies of photo identification, signatures that have not been notarized, or the submission of forms by the wrong person.

The state of Colorado does not refer patients to Denver medical marijuana doctors. It is recommended patients work with a doctor with whom they already have a secure doctor-patient relationship. Under most circumstances, primary care physicians are able to certify a patient for medicinal-use marijuana. The patient should explain to his or her Denver medical marijuana doctor why he or she believes medical marijuana would be a proper course of treatment. Potential patients should disclose all prior conventional pharmaceutical usage in relation to their qualifying condition. It is also recommended that patients bring with them a copy of Colorado's medicinal marijuana law. If the patient is unsure if his or her condition is considered qualifying, he or she should check with the state registry board or discuss such with his or her physician.

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